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Command Control Power • Apple Tech Support & Business Talk

Apr 28, 2020


-There is a lull that Joe sees over the last two weeks so he explores an option to offer Watchman Monitoring for his clients free of charge

-Jerry goes in depth into his strategy and changes in his process with tools like Watchman Monitoring

-Another idea was to change the name of his service, originally called...

Apr 21, 2020


-Chad Keith of Atlas Solutions joins the show 

-Chad originally called his company “Behind The Mac” but decided to change the name to work well with Apple Business Manager and the Apple Consultants Network

-A listener since the early days of the show, he shares how moved to a monthly services model and...

Apr 14, 2020

-Jerry starts a roundtable discussion about accessing remote computers using TeamViewer

-MDM has some answers but not everything is automated:

-Joe talks about burning technical capital when working with a...

Apr 7, 2020


-Sam was on a Zoom conference with family and it could only be described as mayhem

-Jerry has a gripe about LinkedIn

-Command+Q and remote sessions

-Support call experience surveys set Jerry off

-Take out precautions as well as any other outside contact is discussed

-Joe wanted to know if Sam received...