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Command Control Power Apple Tech Support & Business Talk

May 11, 2021


  • We give a shoutout to TidBits, which is a very useful subscription for consultants. Sign up for free apple content here:

  • Joe and Jerry talk about things they have noticed with clients who deal with memory loss.

  • Jerry talks about the difficulties of trying to instruct clients over the phone...

May 4, 2021

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  • The group discusses the less than fruitful tech tag sale.

  • It’s weird that it isn’t weird to see people after awhile during the pandemic.

  • They talk about how things went when they met up for the first time in awhile.

  • Sam will not...

Apr 27, 2021


  • Sam tells a creepy story about something that happened with one of his old devices the other night.

  • Did anyone hear a train in the background?

  • Joe & Sam talk about social events during the pandemic and how much more we appreciate seeing each other.

  • Joe brings up live desktop with Addigy.

  • Stay tuned to...

Apr 20, 2021


  • This week we are excited to be joined Alykhan Jetha, the founder, president, and CEO of Marketcircle.

  • Jerry talks about how impressed he is when he uses Daylite to run his own business.

  • AJ explains how he came around to creating the app Daylite when it was originally for their own needs.

  • Daylite was...

Apr 13, 2021


  • Sam talks about how efficient the MFA set up on 1Password is.

  • When clients are prepared with their 1Password vault it makes it a lot easier for the group to do their jobs.

  • Creating a vault with client data can be very helpful.

  • Does anyone create separate vaults for each of their clients?

  • 1Password is...