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Command Control Power Apple Tech Support & Business Talk

May 12, 2020


-iMac upgrade needed?  No problem!  Or is it?  Jerry has quite the story to tell…

-It reminds Joe of a PSA from listener Brandon Walter on episode 273:

-Supply constraints crossed Joe’s mind as factories and shipping companies are being affected by...

Feb 18, 2020


-Command Control Power needs your support. If you feel like the show has benefited you and your business, please consider supporting us on Patreon

-Jerry has a real head scratcher with a new client who had files disappearing from the desktop. He tried various fixes, including...

Jan 21, 2020


-Joe cracks one open to start the show

-Jerry & Joe discuss business at the start of the new year

-As a follow up to Joe’s recent client security issues, they talk about various pieces of advice that clients may or may not follow

-As things change, it does create work for our consultancies

-With Catalina,...

Jan 14, 2020


-The boys are back in town (spread the word)

-Joe gives Jerry credit for an old Time Machine reference to turn off low priority throttle for a speedy backup

-Joe has two clients in a short span that were...

Dec 24, 2019


-A merry crimble to everyone!

-Jerry calls Sam Scrooge McDuck

-Alrhough timing is tough, Sam has to let an employee go

-A topic that is born out of this experience is “offboarding”

-Joe has some experience in this arena. He talks about some of the logistics and difficulties that comes with that.