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Command Control Power • Apple Tech Support & Business Talk

Jan 25, 2022


-Joe talks about how log4j affected things like Backblaze and UniFi. 

-Sam shares how his UniFi Mac mini died and forced him to review his backup process. 

-Command Control Power has a new sponsor: We welcome Kolide! Visit and to learn more. 

-A classic UniFi/Sonos...

Jan 18, 2022


-We welcome back Jason Detrbarn, founder and CEO of Addigy. 

-Jason talks to us about taking a company-wide break over the holidays. 

-Working from home can make it difficult to separate work and home life. Sam discusses one of his tactics. 

-Sam and Joe both needed support from Addigy over the break and they...

Jan 11, 2022


-This week we welcome back our friend, Luis Giraldo. Luis is CEO at Ook Enterprises and Chief Experience Officer at ScalePad

-A long standing MSP, Luis started Monkey Box in 2013, which carried him over to IT Glue.  

-Luis speaks about managing his time between his MSP company and time with ScalePad. 


Jan 4, 2022

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-One of Joe’s customers ordered a Mac that was attempted to be delivered by Uber. She never received it but it was marked as delivered.

-Sam struggles with focus at times and learned from a colleague about a method of efficiency by checking in...