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Command Control Power • Apple Tech Support & Business Talk

Sep 29, 2020


-Sam worked on a job to replace an entire Ruckus installation with Ubiquiti UniFi APs.  Not surprisingly, the cost was a lot lower for UniFi.

-He decided to initially only use the 5GHz frequency since 2.4GHz has few options for channels and many other devices operate on that frequency.

-Jerry grills Sam on his...

Sep 22, 2020


-Joe has been in the Pacific Northwest recently and shares some of his experiences being in areas affected by the recent wildfires.

-After being in Colorado for two months, he went to Washington, where he hiked North Cascades National Park.

-The haze of smoke and smell of fire on a regular basis became...

Sep 15, 2020


-Sam has a rough start to a phishing campaign he was preparing.

-A recent visit to the dentist left Jerry thinking more about cleanliness.

-A round table discussion brews about protection measures.

-While working with a client, Jerry has some issues dealing with an OWC ThunderBay and SoftRAID. Meanwhile his...

Sep 8, 2020


-Sam has one heck of a bad day and is quite salty...

-His first client of the day is not ready for his visit. 

-Wires were not run, software was not purchased, and people were late. 

-In the meantime, an unexpected rain storm leaves him with a wet car. 

-A second client called with a serious attitude problem. 

Sep 1, 2020

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-Joe starts with a classic Watchman Monitoring corner. He uses the volumes plugin to view storage history. 

-For producing a heat map, Sam uses a tool called NetSpot. 

-Domotz gets another shoutout from Jerry for network monitoring and...