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Command Control Power • Apple Tech Support & Business Talk

Aug 25, 2020


-Jerry gets called to do a tough Wi-Fi job. Double masking, rubber gloves, and humidity don’t mix. 

-Jerry turns to listener and friend of the show John Moder for advice on the job. 

-after a big storm in our area, some have been left without power and internet. Even cellular was affected due to cell towers...

Aug 18, 2020


-The conversation about learning on the job continues. 

-Joe throws to Sam about identity management. Services like JumpCloud come up as a good option for even small offices. G Suite Cloud Identity Management is a great option for customers who already use Google for services like email and Google Drive.  Sam...

Aug 11, 2020


-Joe schools us on verified phone calls on iPhone. 

-Jerry has been testing iOS 14 with positive results. 

-Both Jerry & Joe have been using RingCentral for years. Joe decided to clean house with his extensions. 

-Sam just has nana answering his calls. 

-Back to user sentiment surveys, Joe describes how...

Aug 4, 2020

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-We debate the earth’s shape and whether or not it spins. Share your opinion!

-Satellite ISPs create a new level of headache for Joe’s remote support. 

-Joe thinks he is chronically under billing. Remote work may contribute to that issue.