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Command Control Power • Apple Tech Support & Business Talk

Dec 17, 2019


-Joe has some follow up about the HEViC files wreaking havoc and his photo screensaver.  After changing the screensaver, the files are no longer taking up a lot of space

-Sam & Jerry both use the Brooklyn screensaver from Github:

-Jerry wants to know what the guys are doing for client gifts for the holidays.  Joe & Sam’s answers: nada.

-What Jerry has been doing over the years is to send gift baskets to key people within his most valuable clients

-An important point that Jerry brings up is that once you start, it is very difficult to stop giving gifts each year.  Sam has a vendor story that is right along those lines.

-Getting back to tech, Joe has a client with intermittent wake from sleep issues.  His team did some bench testing to reproduce the issues, and they found this thread.  All 3 had people use the extension cord solution and it seemed to work for everyone:

-Jerry has a story about a 21.5” iMac upgrade gone wrong and he gets salty when describing the details.  He was able to perform a repair offsite and save the day!

-Joe has some positive information to share about TeamViewer and how it handles modifier keys

-Sam was excited about TeamViewer coming to Synology and quickly installed the app, only to find that remote access is only available for TeamViewer for Windows:
Please note that there are some known issues:

Connections are currently only possible from TeamViewer 13.1 running on Windows.

macOS, Linux or mobile clients are not supported.

-Joe talks about Sophos being upgraded to Sophos Home.  Jerry also has experience with ESET antivirus.

-To keep our Ubiquiti streak going, Joe discusses changing the wireless mesh uplink priority and how it can greatly improve the stability of a mesh network:

-On the flip side, Sam learned from Ubiquiti support that disabling wireless uplink should improve the stability of wired access points