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Command Control Power • Apple Tech Support & Business Talk

Mar 3, 2020

Watchman Monitoring


-Command Control Power has a few new Patreon sponsors to announce. Thank you to the following patrons for responding to our call:
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-Joe wants to know how many billable hours his fellow consultants bill in a given week

-Sam & Jerry quickly produce their numbers as they were not aware there was a quiz

-An addition that Sam mentions is the recurring revenue from MSP clients, which helps as a stable baseline for those slow weeks/months

-Jerry wonders how relevant those billable hours are in comparison to simply knowing how much revenue is needed to “keep the lights on”

-Subtracting raw numbers of a 40 hour work week (for admin tasks, internal meetings, etc.), Joe ends up with 19 possible billable hours per consultant, per week.

-With Joe & Sam having employees, Jerry poses questions about incentives for them to keep the numbers up and bring in revenue for the company

-Sam had an issue where his employee was not documenting quick fixes with MSP clients because he thought it simply didn’t matter.

-Even when time is not billable, or you extend a discount to a client, you should always document and show this to the client. You never know when you need to call back to this information.

-Jerry pushes Joe & Sam to find out how they physically document hours not dedicated to clients

-Quoting job estimates takes time that a consultant can master over time

-Sam disappears right in the nick of time!