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Command Control Power • Apple Tech Support & Business Talk

Dec 13, 2022


-There are some downsides to push clients to recommended upgrades & services. Their expectations are high and anything that goes wrong is on you.

-Should we put our efforts more into gaining new clients than encouraging clients to make changes?

-Some clients aren’t worth pushing additional services to.

-Sam continues his story of an incredibly frustrating employee that doesn’t reply and then blames HCS for a lack of support.

-As the group discusses Sam’s client’s security policies, Joe brings up the features and different approach of Kolide.

-Joe talks about Custom Checks from Kolide, which offer the ability to investigate specific security concerns on a computer.

-Joe touts Ross Matsuda, who offers up some great tools on his site One of them being the ability to add admin privileges with logging.

-Sam has personal experience with using Kolide on his work computer and he shares what he found.