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Command Control Power • Apple Tech Support & Business Talk

Jul 30, 2013


- Sam's Office365 email migration


- enlisting help from outside consultants; no one does things the way you do; importance of communicating with clients

- social media for professionals; how to gain followers; who do you want to follow you? great way to get support from vendors; advice from Allen...

Jul 18, 2013


  • pros and cons of cloud-based solutions
  • clients don't understand the cloud
  • storage issues with people moving to flash storage with limited space (e.g., MacBook Air with 64/128 GB)
  • backing up locally vs. to the cloud
  • Mail Service on Mac OS X Server; backup and restoration considerations
  • Kerio Connect and...

Jul 11, 2013

This week, Joe, Sam, and Jerry are joined by fellow ACN, Justin Esgar of Virtua Computers and Autriv Software Development, maker of the SignMyPad app, the Magnetic Stylus, and more.


We discuss aspects of app development including working with contractors, outsourcing, and providing end user support, and explore...

Jul 8, 2013

As ACN Advanced Camp wrapped up last week in Austin, Sam Valencia interviewed three more colleagues in the Apple Consultants Network.

First we hear from Alan McCullough of Zen IT as he and Sam reflect on Advanced Camp, followed by a group discussion panel featuring CV Rao of TechOne Centre and Colleen Beale of Data...

Jul 2, 2013

Sam was kind enough to record these "man in the street" interviews with four of our colleagues,  including master trainer Craig Cohen of HCS Technology Group, who helped organize the technical content for the Apple Consultants Network Advanced Camp.

Features a pro tip for fixing broken network jacks from expert Network...