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Command Control Power • Apple Tech Support & Business Talk

Jan 28, 2020


-Sam is on the island of Manhattan teaching a Jamf class

-He also has an update to the issues affecting him since upgrading to Catalina, including the loss of iCloud reminders.

-Besides blocking Catalina with Addigy and other MDM solutions, ignoring Catalina in Software Update is a good addition: sudo...

Jan 21, 2020


-Joe cracks one open to start the show

-Jerry & Joe discuss business at the start of the new year

-As a follow up to Joe’s recent client security issues, they talk about various pieces of advice that clients may or may not follow

-As things change, it does create work for our consultancies

-With Catalina,...

Jan 14, 2020


-The boys are back in town (spread the word)

-Joe gives Jerry credit for an old Time Machine reference to turn off low priority throttle for a speedy backup

-Joe has two clients in a short span that were...

Jan 7, 2020


-Armin Briegel from Scripting OS X joins us on Command Control Power!

-Armin is promoting his new book called “Moving to zsh”

-He recently presented at MacSysAdmin in Gothenburg, Sweden
You can find Armin’s and other presentation videos here: