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Command Control Power Apple Tech Support & Business Talk

Feb 18, 2020


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-Jerry has a real head scratcher with a new client who had files disappearing from the desktop. He tried various fixes, including...

Feb 11, 2020


-Not surprisingly, a UniFi topic kicks off the show.  As Jerry rolls his eyes about the UniFi Dream Machine, it appears UniFi has released a rack mountable Dream Machine Pro:

-Joe recounts a story of him installing a Dream Machine and Flex HD

Feb 4, 2020


-Jerry & Sam have a rare show together

-Sam is short staffed for a week and, of course, everything happens at once

-A discussion brews about the state of business in Connecticut 

-Working remotely is something Joe is very familiar with but Sam discusses working remotely with clients that move out of state

Jan 28, 2020


-Sam is on the island of Manhattan teaching a Jamf class

-He also has an update to the issues affecting him since upgrading to Catalina, including the loss of iCloud reminders.

-Besides blocking Catalina with Addigy and other MDM solutions, ignoring Catalina in Software Update is a good addition: sudo...

Jan 21, 2020


-Joe cracks one open to start the show

-Jerry & Joe discuss business at the start of the new year

-As a follow up to Joe’s recent client security issues, they talk about various pieces of advice that clients may or may not follow

-As things change, it does create work for our consultancies

-With Catalina,...