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Command Control Power • Apple Tech Support & Business Talk

Mar 29, 2022


-Joe discusses some of the new products released by Apple.

-All the latest announcements were immediately discussed in TidBITS Content Network newsletter.

-Josh Centers of TidBITS started a separate site called to help people make decisions on what products to purchase.

-Working with...

Mar 22, 2022


-Joe continues discussing a saga with an historically problematic client. They continually disregard his technology recommendations. 

-Jerry has a similar previous client that attempted to re-engage with him and he declined. 

-Joe works with our sponsor, Kolide to deploy endpoint security and...

Mar 15, 2022


-Jerry explores Synology notifications and Joe explains how Synology removed the built in feature. Central Management System to the rescue.

-One of Jerry’s clients asks for employer tracking software. He was referred to Veriato. He asks the group...

Mar 8, 2022


-Sam has finally filled the position at HCS CT!

-Jerry asks about Non-compete and NDA agreements.

-There is a cost to onboard a new employee and it is a risk you take in order to grow.

-One of Joe’s clients delays the move to a new server….again.

-This same client has been taking advice from other sources...

Mar 1, 2022


Thank you to our VIP sponsors!


-After attempting some remote upgrades, Joe found himself in a difficult situation. Thanks to an article from Mr. Macintosh, he was able to get out of a jam.

-Addigy has a fix in their community scripts to correct this issue before upgrades are performed.

-As Sam...