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Command Control Power • Apple Tech Support & Business Talk

Jun 25, 2019


-Jerry has a “non-tech gripe” about health bowls he wants to share
-Drink every time Joe says açaí 
-To bring it back to technology, Jerry has issues with the motivational announcements on the Nike Run app
-Client perceptions and marketing terms often are deceiving 
-clients that won’t spend...

Jun 18, 2019


-Sam has some follow up regarding his “Ubiquiti Hell” from a few weeks ago.  In the end, it turned out to be a bad UniFi USG device.

-Joe has some wise sayings to share that ring true in our industry and the value we bring as consultants:
"Let the Baker Bake the Bread, even if he takes half the Dough"...

Jun 11, 2019


-Joe has spent time recently dedicating his focus on Addigy and Watchman Monitoring and understanding how to best leverage those tools

-Scripts has been what Joe has been concentrating on and he has found a tremendous amount of help and support through the MacAdmins Slack and the Addigy community

- Joe created a...

Jun 4, 2019

At Your Server

Watchman Monitoring

Simple MDM

Templeton Group

-Jerry discusses the origin of the Jer-RE-SEND

-Jerry’s dad gets schooled on email security. His dad makes a statement that many of our clients share: “how am I supposed to know these things?"

-One of Joe’s clients thinks Touch ID will be “hacked”

-While on the topic of security, 1 Password is...