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Command Control Power Apple Tech Support & Business Talk

Dec 10, 2019


-The crew does an Addigy check up to see where they stand with managed clients 

 -Joe brands his Addigy restart scripts after the show and it’s a top rated download!

-Jerry & Joe consider adding snarky comments to their messages to users 

-Joe talks more about his fancy scripts like rebuilding the spotlight...

Dec 3, 2019


-Joe joins the crowd in the cloud 

-The biggest issue affecting Joe in his move to the cloud is “van-width”

-An unexpected issue was dealing with his Dropbox data. Joe's PSA: Symlinks in Dropbox = no bueno.  It just got stuck "checking for changes" for days on end. Found a relevant link: “stuck on...

Nov 26, 2019


-Sam is in Minnesota at the Jamf Nation User Conference

-Meanwhile, he has just returned from an Apple training gig in Alaska

-While at JNUC, Sam again ran into friend of the show, Chris Stout of STOUT

-A call to action for our listeners!  Take photos in various locations with your Command...

Nov 19, 2019


-Sam is off to an undisclosed location in Alaska

-As Jerry complains about Sam’s darkened contact photo, Joe talks custom contact photos

-Jerry has a head smack moment as he too, is affected by the certificates expiring for Apple’s macOS installers. Here are direct download links for macOS installers with...

Nov 12, 2019


-The New York City support edition

-Sam had a sizable job in NYC and had to request assistance from Joe & Jerry

-But first, Joe discusses his upgrade to the iPhone 11 Pro and working with the dual SIM feature

-Joe finds out that it is not possible to activate an eSIM with an existing phone number


-Jerry can...