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Command Control Power • Apple Tech Support & Business Talk

May 31, 2022


-Sam talks about his recovery from Covid.

-Some personal experiences and opinions are shared.

-Joe shares a sneak peak of an offering for Patrons. A Numbers based tool based on Watchman Monitoring reports with customized output.

-What monthly MSP plan works for you? Do monthly services work for residential...

May 24, 2022


-Joe has an update on using his new Synology with Synlogy Central Management System. After digging around with notifications, he was frustrated. Thanks to Dan Monge of Mac IT Pros for the tip to look at the client Synology notifications as there is an additional CMS column.

-PsiMac charges a monthly service fee...

May 17, 2022


-This week we welcome back Jason Dettbarn. Founder and CEO of Addigy

-There has been a 50% growth in the MSP sector and they are banking on this sector.

-We talk Apple Business Essentials and it’s coexisting with a third party MDM like Addigy.

-This is also contributing to fixing the foundational changes...

May 10, 2022


-Jerry is dealing with what appears to be a case of identity theft. 

-Joe comes up with a trivia question based on chatter on Slack. Where is the physical serial number on the current iMac computers?

-Depot repairs on a personal iMac didn’t work out too well for Jerry. 

-Joe is trying to get details on...

May 3, 2022

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This week on Command Control Power, we are featuring a patron only show for our supporters. If you are already subscribed on Patreon, you will find this show in your private podcast feed. To sign up and get instant access to special features like this one and several other...