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Command Control Power • Apple Tech Support & Business Talk

Jun 27, 2013

Sam, Jerry, and Joe discuss topics related to growing your consulting practice: secure info sharing among team members and clients, bookkeeping, and administrative assistance. Includes a brief review of services we offer to clients.

Plus: a how-to for configuring multiple tax rates in QuickBooks.

Co-hosted by Jerry Zigmont of MacWorks, Sam Valencia of HCS Technology Group, and Joe Saponare of PsiMac.


  • consultant security best practices
  • team secure info sharing
  • client security tendencies
  • proposed solutions for dealing with multiple Apple IDs
  • the promise of technology
  • iCloud keychain syncing
  • MobileMe war stories
  • Configuring multiple tax rates in QuickBooks
  • Billings Pro
  • redundant data entry in bookkeeping systems
  • hiring a part-time or full-time administrative assistant; or not

Memorable lines:

Regarding the presumably forthcoming iPhone 5S: "this time, the 'S' can stand for 'Secure'."

Great advice once given at the ACN Business Meeting regarding growing your technology consultancy: "do yourself a favor: the first person you hire should be an administrative person."