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Command Control Power • Apple Tech Support & Business Talk

Nov 10, 2015


Recorded on November 3, 2015

The CCP Team is joined by Tom Bridge, Partner at Technolutionary, IT services firm in Washington DC area -

- We open the show with a discussion about the Mac Tech Conference 2015 in Manhattan Beach - . Tom was a featured speaker at MacTech and he provided his slide deck for his topic "Saner WiFi" -

Marathon Man

- We also celebrate our own Sam Valencia's achievement of running and finishing this years 2015 New York City Marathon
Sam, you rock!

- When is it O.K. to tell clients to upgrade to Mac OS X or IOS ?
Tom mentions 10.9 Security Advisory found here:

- Tom Recounts An Unusual Open Directory issue that he had with a customer

- In depth Discussion on Slack
Tom talks MacAdmins on Slack. If you haven’t checked out SLACK you can get info here and get the free app -
From there, you can be a part of the MacAdmins community by getting your invite -

A.I. - Artificial Intelligence

Slack for Mac Admins: A primer: Why should you be on Slack? -

- Tom chats about his company’s  monitoring system and incorporating different technologies, like Zendesk, Watchman, Pingdom and Slack

- Tom Discusses his company’s philosophy to reaching out to his clients with mass emails. What usually dictates a mass email and why.

- Fantastic Tiny Newsletter that Tom publishes. You can sign up to receive via email here:

You can also find Tom Bridge on Twitter at @tbridge