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Command Control Power • Apple Tech Support & Business Talk

Mar 19, 2019


-Sam has a frustrating story about working with a VoIP provider he shares a long relationship with.  An issue with the client’s quality of service on their phones goes into a 2 year sago with an annoying fix in the end.
-To add some humor to his stories, Sam shares a very funny story about a late night visit from a user in need.
-Not a show goes by without Joe sharing an annoyance of a feature or lack thereof.  In this case, he discusses “pop over” functionality in Messages.  Sam gives a tip back to Joe.
-A tip that Sam just learned is that he can charge his iPhone from his iPad Pro using the USB-C to lighting cable.  There are a variety of features of the USB-C ports as explained here:
-Sam is now solar powered (well, his home is)!
-The FaceTime bug, now fixed, has Joe thinking big picture with regards to security.
-If you are going to cover your camera with tape, at least make sure it’s not clear tape.
-In his off time, Joe sits in his camper and ponders about security.  So he has some theories on malware.
-Sam decides to bring up a rather embarrassing story of how he missed the obvious
-As Joe & Sam start to go down the road of managing a team, one point that Sam brings up is the way mistakes are made.  Joe goes back and forth about holding employees accountable and making excuses for them.
-Making mistakes with employees often cannot be reversed
-Managing the employee relationship is extremely difficult to get right, as Sam and Joe both have realized over the years