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Command Control Power • Apple Tech Support & Business Talk

Nov 26, 2019


-Sam is in Minnesota at the Jamf Nation User Conference

-Meanwhile, he has just returned from an Apple training gig in Alaska

-While at JNUC, Sam again ran into friend of the show, Chris Stout of STOUT

-A call to action for our listeners!  Take photos in various locations with your Command Control Power t-shirt

-Sam takes a closer look at his process he recently used with a large deployment. 

-He used AutoDMG for a quick restore of macOS:
-The createinstallmedia command worked well as an offline installer of macOS:
-Here are the disks that were used to backup user data:

-Joe takes us back in time to discuss the early encounters with Startup Security Utility on T2 computers

-Sam notices a difference in the behavior of users in large, corporate environments vs the SMB clients we are used to

-Joe deals with some confusion dealing with Daylite Saving while in Sedona, Arizona

-The topic of time zones reminds Sam about an issue he has with his Mac auto correcting time…incorrectly

-The Safari beachball bug has been plaguing Joe for a while

-Sam & Joe compare keychains

-After installing countless Synology NAS devices, Sam dug up a Github project which allowed for a python script to be run to do a speed test on the Synology:

-When moving from a Windows Server to Synology, Sam had to do some Googling but found a tool built-in to Windows Server called Robocopy.  Here is an example of syntax to preserve modification dates & times: robocopy /s /e /DCOPY:T