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Command Control Power • Apple Tech Support & Business Talk

Oct 13, 2020


-The hosts provide an update on COVID in the state of Connecticut and with their respective businesses.

-Joe has to make decision for his staff from another part of the country.

-The weather will definitely have an impact on things as people move indoors.

-Jerry has more close interactions with clients and he shares his thoughts on his comfort level.

-Joe is looking for an app that can provide a safety rating based on current COVID data. 

-Sam is happy with TeamViewer for iOS but Joe & Jerry are less enthused. 

-Jerry loves the fish that leads a user through steps for Full Disk Access in Carbon Copy Cloner.  Sam is clueless. 

-Jerry has jumped from the TeamViewer ship and moved to Splashtop. One of his gripes had to do with speed and clipboard issues. 

-TeamViewer advertisements are infuriating. 

-Working with Surveillance Station, Jerry has a heck of a time with cameras. The issue was related to the H.265 codec. 

-Joe is finally ditching CrashPlan PROe. 

-Microsoft pro tip from Joe...or is it?