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Command Control Power • Apple Tech Support & Business Talk

Feb 23, 2021


This week we welcome back Ryan Grimes, President of My IT Indy.

  • Ryan speaks about how his business has changed since he was first on the show in 2014 (Episode 43)

  • Who consults the consultant?

  • The group speaks about UniFi and notification issues.

  • Ryan discusses a story about dealing with a client that went silent, and what he learned from it.

  • Ryan also shares his personal experience with COVID, and how it affected his personal and business life.

  • One of Ryan’s ex-clients was phished after ending the business relationship.

  • The group talks about the problems small business owners face.

  • Joe brings up the security issues that clients often have which leads to a more in depth discussion about cybersecurity.

  • Clients will often zone out on important topics. Sometimes it takes the “cool” features to get buy-in.

  • Collaborating with others in our industry can create benefits for us all.

  • “Be excellent to each other and don’t be a butthead.”