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Command Control Power • Apple Tech Support & Business Talk

Mar 9, 2021


All roads lead to automated support…

  • Someone tried to hustle Jerry and he exacts revenge.

  • Scammers get scammed.

  • Is the warrantee on your car expiring?

  • Jerry felt like a hero after fixing a client’s difficult 2013 mac. Hint, it had to do with /private/tmp

  • Should we officially not recommend hardware updates for 2013 iMac computers since they cannot run Big Sur?

  • Joe praises Addigy for their new feature “Addigy Live Desktop” and talks about how useful this tool can be.

  • He shares a very helpful tip that solved the common problem of getting stuck while trying to restore from a Time Machine backup with Synology.

  • Sam ends up in a familiar situation with a client who just won’t listen to him and ended up getting themselves into a difficult situation when network equipment fails.

  • The group shares ideas to help Sams issues with a problem client.

  • What do you do if you have a client who won’t take your security advice and they can possibly get themselves into trouble?

  • Jerry has a client who likes to mess around with the Unifi gateway.

  • He has a Pro Tip for managing the date/time on a UniFi Gateway via SSH.
    admin@ubnt:~$ set date ntp

  • Sam hopes Joe finds honest work someday.