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Command Control Power • Apple Tech Support & Business Talk

Apr 27, 2021


  • Sam tells a creepy story about something that happened with one of his old devices the other night.

  • Did anyone hear a train in the background?

  • Joe & Sam talk about social events during the pandemic and how much more we appreciate seeing each other.

  • Joe brings up live desktop with Addigy.

  • Stay tuned to an upcoming episode where we welcome back the CEO of Addigy, Jason Dettbarn.

  • Joe’s Tip: du -sh command to display disk usage statistics.

  • The group talks about the large amount of spam calls they’ve been getting.

  • Joe discovered that the spam callers have actually been using real people’s numbers. They wonder how the callers have been doing this.

  • Joe has time on his hands to talk to spam callers.

  • Sam discusses one of the weird issues he’s had with his replacement iPhone that he can’t really figure out. And Joe could be on to something with a SIM card issue.