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Command Control Power • Apple Tech Support & Business Talk

Aug 24, 2021


  • This week we welcome long time supporter of the show, Tim Pearson of Creative Techs.

  • Tim joins us as a co-host.

  • He talks about traveling on the ferry to do onsite work.

  • The group discusses the wildfires out west.

  • Tim shares a story about the time he made a mistake of wearing a Star Wars shirt, causing his meeting to go way overtime.

  • The group helps Tim with approaching a mistake he made in his business.

  • Jerry’s talks about the “Screwdriver Effect”

  • Getting fired by a client is a great opportunity to take another look at how you do things.

  • Everyone discusses MSP and contracts with clients.

  • How are the group members finding new work throughout the pandemic?

  • Sam explains how he started getting referrals from the Apple stores.

  • The group talks about the Apple Consultants Network program and its benefits.

  • What is everyone seeing regarding to employees coming back to the offices?

  • Some people work better in offices and some at home.

  • Do you have employees or paid friends?