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Command Control Power • Apple Tech Support & Business Talk

Nov 9, 2021


-This week we welcome back Adam Engst of TidBITS Content Network.

-The supply chain issues are hitting many areas hard.

-Finding people to hire is no easy task of late. Adam gives us his thoughts based on recent research.

-Quality of life is affecting people’s decisions to go back to work.

-Adam uses Keyboard Maestro to automate specific tasks:

-Sam is seeing customers that would rather pick up in store, even if the specifications are not exactly what they want, rather than wait for the supply chain delays.

-Joe & Jerry were comparing new models but didn’t quite pull the trigger.

-Not just increased processing power and unified memory, but faster SSDs.

-The 1080p HD FaceTime camera is still weak but better than the 720p camera in previous models.

-Adam talks about ergonomics like desktop height and keyboard/trackpads.

-He recommends a roller mouse from Contour Designs:

-Does virtualization change anything for people on Apple Silicon?

-Gamers are still staying away from the Mac platform.

-Monterey appears to be an easier upgrade process in comparison to the issues that have plagued Big Sur.

-Upgrading from Mojave is still troublesome:

-Get your Apple gifts on the early side as supply chain issues could affect timing.

-If you aren’t already a subscriber, get well written, professional Apple Content for you to use with your customers with TidBITS Content Network.