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Command Control Power • Apple Tech Support & Business Talk

Oct 11, 2022


-Joe decides to change his theme of griping and talks about a positive helpful hint with Safari and auto filling passwords.

-Storing credit card security codes is a nice new add on to Safari on iOS 16.

-How safe is it to send credit card info using iMessage?

-Joe wants advise on Jerry’s new M2 MacBook Air.

-A call for listener feedback from Joe to see if they have had success using an M2 in clamshell mode.

-Find us on MacAdmins Slack at #cmdctrlpwr

-Please support the MacAdmins Foundation!

-Listener Kevin Cox mentions a good tip about a computer that is locked due to the date and time reset.

-Google alerts are another annoyance that Joe gripes about.

-Joe had a struggle with Dun & Bradstreet when he was asked to create a new number. He was immediately bombarded by solicitors.

-Jerry had a similar experience with Lending Tree.

-A win for iCloud Hide My Email.