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Command Control Power • Apple Tech Support & Business Talk

Nov 15, 2022


-Sam has follow to his UniFi G4 Doorbell. Even after some great advice from Jerry and additional research, his answer was embarrassingly easy.

-Joe laments how the promise of the smart home in the 90’s still haven’t been met.

-He is also considering a doorbell camera for his complex that multiple neighbors could access.

-A client of Joe’s turned away cloud storage but instead has a 15 minute paid technically conversation.

-We talk about cloud solutions for personal and business use.

-Sam talks about Microsoft Sharepoint storage plans and how confusing it is. Joe has similar experiences.

-Jerry talks about Synology Drive as a cloud service.

-Follow up from an earlier conversation between Joe & Jerry about scrambling the jets every time a security update is announced.

-In a recent Scripting OS X newsletter, Joe talks about Rapid Security Responses, which are an interesting new security feature of macOS.

-We get into the little annoyances of how our customers operate their computers.

-Joe’s wish - a way for macOS to have a proactive restart when a system is overly taxed.